The Toy Monkey That Flies

You have probably heard of fish that fly. Or birds that fly. But not much of a monkey that has been able to fly. That is something totally different and something really new.

Well, if you are going to go to good stores online, you would discover that there is a monkey that flies and it is known as, well, the Flying Monkey. People who would be taking a look at this toy would surely be amazed by it.

The Flying Monkey does not have wings of any kind nor does it have turbo jets that allow it to fly through the air. It also does not have any special kind of power. What this Gadget Epoint gadget has is a pair of really elastic arms. Now that is its secret. All you need to do is use it just much how you would use a slingshot. And that is why the Flying Monkey flies.

Now if you have made this nifty toy fly for quite a number of times already and you feel too bored with it soaring through the air and dropping back down to the ground after a couple of seconds, then you would still be able to find happiness with this toy. See, just like most toys meant for children, the Flying Monkey has been made to be soft and cuddly. You may want to bring this with you anywhere you go.

And if in case you feel like the whole monkey look is not the kind of look that you would want your Flying Monkey to have, then you can actually change it. See, this cuddly primate toy comes with a costume that you can put on it. The costume is a mask and a cape so much so that you do not only get a Flying Monkey but you also get a superhero Flying Monkey when it puts on its disguise.

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Will the Digital Media Player Replace Blu-ray?

We are a technology thirsty generation that is always asking the question, so what’s next? The minute a new technology hits the market, we enjoy it for a while, then look elsewhere for the latest and greatest. Now that the Blu-ray has won the format battle, what’s next? Well, there is a strong case for a new technology gadget called a digital media player, or digital media streamer.

The digital media player is a device that allows you to connect either by hard wired Ethernet cable, or wirelessly, to a computer network and stream digital content directly to your television and digital sound system. Not only can you stream your own media collection from your network, like movies, music, and pictures, but you can also stream free internet TV content like CNN, ESPN, YouTube, Hulu, and more. So no longer are you confined to sitting at your computer to view your movies and photos, you can enjoy digital high definition content right in your living room, or bedroom, or anywhere you have an internet connection. Some players can even be accessed from outside the home on something called a web gateway, which will allow you to access your own network media anywhere in the world where you can access the internet. So imagine being able to watch your personal DVD collection while on a business trip in Europe. And now that some major airlines are allowing in flight Wifi, you could potentially access your media at 35,000 feet!

There are lots of these gadgets on the market, but only a handful are worth mention. One in particular, the Brite-View Cinematube 1080p media player is one of the most feature packed digital media players on the market. It offers top of the line capabilities allowing you to stream your digital content like movies, music, and photos directly to your living room, and can stream live TV. The Briteview Cinematube Player is not a wireless streamer from the manufacturer, but you can buy a kit from Amazon that includes both the streamer and the wireless adapter.

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How to Get Rid of Spyware on Your Computer

If you notice that your computer is significantly slower than the speed you are used to, then the problem might be that you have spyware in your system. Having spyware on your computer is a very serious matter. It has the potential to do more damage than you think, therefore it must never be seen as something harmless. Instead of upping the risk by letting it be, your first line of defense is investing in a good antivirus software and knowing how to get rid of spyware on your computer before it compromises your important and personal information.

Steps to Get Rid of Spyware From Your Computer

For most people, the safest way to get rid of spyware in your computer is to look for a good anti-spyware software that will do all the work for them – especially if they are the kind of users who do not really know how to deal with matters such as this. For the braver lot, there are some simple steps you can also take in addition to installing an antivirus software to rid your computer of spyware.

* First, it is important to search for the best kind of spyware remover software to delete spyware from your computer. This can be done by going on Google and looking at the available options as well as the different protection packages that you can choose from.

* Second, verify the protection potential of your options by visiting forums and finding out what other users have to say regarding these options based on their first hand experience.

* After you have chosen one, all you need to do is to pay for your desired spyware program. Once payment has been confirmed, you may download the software your purchased and install it in your system.

* After installing the Spyware Remover software, please reboot your computer. Rebooting is very important to get rid of spyware. It makes sure that the important functions to remove spyware automatically are working properly.

* Once the computer reboots, please run the spyware remover software you just installed and scan your whole computer for threats. It is very likely that you’ll find several threats on your computer and need to delete them using the software.

It is very important that you choose the right Spyware Remover so that you are able to detect and remove all the threats from your computer. You also need to make sure that the software catches the spyware in the real time so that the threats are detected even before they spread to your computer. Internet is no longer as safe as It used to be and without a proper protection on your computer, you are inviting scammers to steal confidential information from your computer.

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Crying Long White Clouds

The healing of our world starts with the healing of your soul.

Life is to be chosen and created. It is not left to chance. Our world should be a conscious and decided upon journey. Not only should our outer world be worked upon, but also our inner world. Our world is a path forged by us, taken in and lived out every day through our actions. Your soul is more than just a part of you, it is us, it is all of us. It is all that is. Your should live in and through your soul your entire life. But the matter of the fact is, it’s not it’s forgotten about, hidden and brushed to the inside for the fact that we are ashamed of ourselves and yes of who we may become if we do stay true to our light. I don’t know many people that are real, maybe they are scared. But the years will go and they will not know what lies hidden, buried and dormant underneath.

The soul’s beauty is the beauty of truth and elimination. It illuminates all the unneeded stuff in one’s life. When we start denying the soul we start accumulating things, people, and roles that are not needed for us. A simple authentic hug renews and rekindles one to their soul. But I wonder why, so few of us hug genuinely? Has the acceptance of societies standards taken over from the awareness and acknowledgment of another’s soul? There is no shame in hugging another, in really hugging another.

Don’t lose touch, rekindle your soul, breath it to life.

We don’t need to make sense of it all. We must centre ourselves in the present moment and bring awareness to the inner core of our being. To be so aware that we are able to feel intuitively in the moment what must live and what should die. Where did we lose track and cut off our soul voice. Where did we lose our intuition, our knowingness? We got carried away with what was appealing and magical in the moment. But in hindsight we might not have considered the depth of what we were doing, or didn’t bring consciousness to the situation.

Today consider what you have been holding onto which is not adding value on any or all four of your mental, emotional, spiritual or physical levels. If it holds no intangible value for you, consider replacing it with something that does. By simplifying your life you get closer to not only those things that truly matter and make a difference in your life, but by being a bearer for those things that touch you deeply you are able to give more to others and see with a greater perspective. It’s about not being naive, or ego-orientated in believing certain items; people, places and roles will fulfill you. A little pleasure initially can lead us largely astray; if you have been lead astray you can work on recovering your soul and rebuilding your life based on the things that add intrinsic and fulfilling value to yourself and your life.

What weighs heavily on ourselves is a dead give away that the items are not serving us on any level. Look honestly, what try’s to capture your soul; to belittle you and make you think less of yourself and your world? For those things that need to die in your outer life must first die in your inner life. Without the initial death internally they will live on. Cut the chords inside and the unfolding will be a mirror of the internal.

Your soul knows that stillness is found within; the external world is a mirror of the internal. One’s real goals cannot be authentically materialized until one knows their soul and departs from the past and pain body. But without the awareness and compassion to ones soul, stillness can never occur. Love will never be genuine and life will be contained as a third dimensional dance of stuff that adds no value. Your own life will remain a mystery.

Day follows night, the epic of your life begins today, and the journey begins now, which will take you on the ride of your life with long white clouds.

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