Mobilize Your Joomla Website Through Smart Phones

Websites that do not load correctly on regular desktops can be annoying. Websites that do not load properly on a smart phone are just a nightmare and hard to remedy. If a mobile customer cannot reach the website that is in mind, then there goes a visitor and potential customer.

With the popularity of Smartphones, the most successful websites add a mobile site for their mobile customers. The best way to keep visitors and customers happy is to upgrade to the mobile Internet train and offer this option.

Traditional websites cause problems for Smartphones to load because the traditional website has a lot of additional features. Websites that have a large array of flash images, large pictures, or even large java-scripts can cause the mobile phone to not load properly. Many Smartphones have a slower Internet connection; regular websites will take a longer time to load.

The products listed below are to help customers run better Joomla sites while browsing the mobile Internet.

Mobile Joomla

One of the tricky things with having a traditional website and having a mobile website is trying to balance the two. The best thing about Mobile Joomla is once a website has gone mobile, Mobile Joomla has a built in detection monitor that displays the website to which setting it is in (either traditional or mobile).

Apart from the ability to detect which setting the site needs to be in, no matter which style the site is in, the display for both traditional and mobile is beautiful and clear.

Mobile Content Switch

This is a great app for Joomla users; due to it allowing the webmaster to manage their website; no matter what setting the site is based upon (again, mobile or traditional). This is a popular application for iPhones and iPads, so there is a lot of attention to troubleshooting out there. This app is really easy to use and should always be considered first if the user has an iPhone and a Joomla account.


Based around the Android, Joooid allows Joomla users to manage their sites so the end result is a beautiful and easily functioning website. Joooid also lets the user publish articles, post photos, upload maps, and keep everything running in a fine-tuned manner.

A great app for webmasters that like to keep a well structured website that works great for traditional websites and mobile Internet Smartphones.

One important thing to keep in mind when managing a mobile website is that once a traditional website is built and a mobile website is created, is that the mobile website needs to continually be managed along with the traditional website. There is now a way to create a mobile website that will update when the traditional website is updated.

Joomla users can keep their websites up-to-date with little to no effort, and still produce a wonderful website for mobile users that does not lack in detail.

The best function for these helpful apps is the ability to be updated from Smartphones as well as regular PCs. There will never be a poorly designed mobile website again with the use of these three helpful apps.

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