The Toy Monkey That Flies

You have probably heard of fish that fly. Or birds that fly. But not much of a monkey that has been able to fly. That is something totally different and something really new.

Well, if you are going to go to good stores online, you would discover that there is a monkey that flies and it is known as, well, the Flying Monkey. People who would be taking a look at this toy would surely be amazed by it.

The Flying Monkey does not have wings of any kind nor does it have turbo jets that allow it to fly through the air. It also does not have any special kind of power. What this Gadget Epoint gadget has is a pair of really elastic arms. Now that is its secret. All you need to do is use it just much how you would use a slingshot. And that is why the Flying Monkey flies.

Now if you have made this nifty toy fly for quite a number of times already and you feel too bored with it soaring through the air and dropping back down to the ground after a couple of seconds, then you would still be able to find happiness with this toy. See, just like most toys meant for children, the Flying Monkey has been made to be soft and cuddly. You may want to bring this with you anywhere you go.

And if in case you feel like the whole monkey look is not the kind of look that you would want your Flying Monkey to have, then you can actually change it. See, this cuddly primate toy comes with a costume that you can put on it. The costume is a mask and a cape so much so that you do not only get a Flying Monkey but you also get a superhero Flying Monkey when it puts on its disguise.

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