Will the Digital Media Player Replace Blu-ray?

We are a technology thirsty generation that is always asking the question, so what’s next? The minute a new technology hits the market, we enjoy it for a while, then look elsewhere for the latest and greatest. Now that the Blu-ray has won the format battle, what’s next? Well, there is a strong case for a new technology gadget called a digital media player, or digital media streamer.

The digital media player is a device that allows you to connect either by hard wired Ethernet cable, or wirelessly, to a computer network and stream digital content directly to your television and digital sound system. Not only can you stream your own media collection from your network, like movies, music, and pictures, but you can also stream free internet TV content like CNN, ESPN, YouTube, Hulu, and more. So no longer are you confined to sitting at your computer to view your movies and photos, you can enjoy digital high definition content right in your living room, or bedroom, or anywhere you have an internet connection. Some players can even be accessed from outside the home on something called a web gateway, which will allow you to access your own network media anywhere in the world where you can access the internet. So imagine being able to watch your personal DVD collection while on a business trip in Europe. And now that some major airlines are allowing in flight Wifi, you could potentially access your media at 35,000 feet!

There are lots of these gadgets on the market, but only a handful are worth mention. One in particular, the Brite-View Cinematube 1080p media player is one of the most feature packed digital media players on the market. It offers top of the line capabilities allowing you to stream your digital content like movies, music, and photos directly to your living room, and can stream live TV. The Briteview Cinematube Player is not a wireless streamer from the manufacturer, but you can buy a kit from Amazon that includes both the streamer and the wireless adapter.

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